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Dolphin & Mermaid is a stylish resort café located at the right side wing of the Harbor station. This place can be both a choice for a crowd of friends who decided to celebrate a festal occasion listening to the wash of the wave and a quiet nook for a romantic date to overlook the sunset.

Abundance of greenery and a breathtaking seascape view evoke sensation of the paradisal oasis, where one can escape from hustle and bustle of the touristic center and take shelter from hot southern sun. Comfortable rattan arm-chairs and soft sofas are so attractive to sit on them and delight the waterscape, breeze whisper in palm leaves and for sure to taste signature dishes and pure-quality drinks.


A well-known corporate chef Ilya Zakharov is in charge for cuisine of the café Dolphin and Mermaid. He managed to represent ordinary flavors of the Black Sea region dishes in a new light, clearly empathizing their marine style. Alexander Mayurov (WRF) is in charge for the bar menu variety.

Our waiters are excited to provide you assistance in making choice of dishes and the best drinks for them, and the front-of-the-house managers will bend every effort to make the café visit as the most lovely and pleasant memory of yours.


The menu of the café Dolphin and Mermaid intertwines an authorial view toward the traditions of different cuisines of the Black Sea region and the chef’s wish to make the guests happy serving them fresh seafood. Here you can taste traditional dim sum surprisingly filled with the Black Sea fish, okroshka cooked on matsoni with rapa whelk and tarragon, beef carpaccio with cicmati and parmesan, different kinds of pasta – from arrabbiata with stracciatella to conchiglie in cream sauce with smoked duck, pizza filled at your choice - with rapa whelk, oyster mushrooms and fried onion, chorizo and tomato, shrimps and rocket salad, well-known across the coast mullet with aioli sauce and a great variety of desserts – profiterole with salted caramel, strawberry soup, coconut rolled cake and a signature dish “Dolphin without Mermaid”.

A distinctive feature of the café is oyster bar in the center of the hall, where an assortment of seafood is laid out with love on an ice frappe. A guest just can choose the seafood specialty, and right then we will serve it up.

In the bar menu you can find more than 50 kinds of glass of wine positions, exclusive lemonades and cocktails as well as invigorating coffee in wafer cups.


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Sochi, Voykova str, 1
Mon - Sun | 09:00 - 21:00

8 (938) 871 33 33
Dolphin & Mermaid